Crypto Mining Made Easy

GPU Exchange is a suite of applications that simplifies Crypto Mining (with GPU for now and ASIC support coming soon). We help you mine crypto without having to trust us with your newly minted coins. Think of us as a Software as a Service (SaaS), not a Bank, Pool, or Exchange.

With our software, you can maximise your mining profit without giving up control. Pick your own Pool. Cash out on Your Terms. Our mining agent is designed to work even if our backend temporarily goes down.

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The GX Difference

Like a mining pool, but better


You don't need to trust us the way you trust your mining pool, because we ain't one. Our software lets you mine with your existing pool, or even bring your own.

Mine the Best Coin, Always

Our system constantly monitors crypto networks and exchanges to determine the best coins at any given time, and switches your mining gears accordingly.

Real-time Analytics

Powerful dashboard that shows your mining operations and profitability at any given time.

Open Source

Our mining agent is open source, because you deserve to know exactly what is running on your machines.

Smart Switch*

We use artificial intelligence to predict the coin price at the time of your cash-out, so that the coin you mine is most profitable when sold, not when mined.

* premium feature

Computer Assisted Selling*

Programmatically sell your newly minted coins directly on supported exchanges for fiat money. Who says button pressing is for humans?

* premium feature

$ 0
Free forever
5 nodes Use spare computing power to mine crypto at the pools of your choice.
Realtime Stats Know how well your gears are doing at any time.
Start with 5 nodes

Trial our mining management software without hassle.

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$ 99
One-time payment
100 nodes Keep up with your growing crypto mining operation.
Realtime & Historical Stats See your mining performance in the last 1 year.
Accelerate your mining

Powerful tool for your growing mining operation. Only available during beta.

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Unlimited nodes Maximise your efficiency with our advanced management software.
Priority Support Quick support for your mission-critical operation.
Mining at scale

All the support you need.

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We are currently in private beta. To request an invite, please use the form below. For other enquiries, you can reach us at:

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